What You Need To Know About Physical Therapy

If you’ve been suffering from ongoing pain or limited mobility, you may be wondering if physical therapy is right for you. Physical therapy offers numerous benefits and treatment options so it’s wise to be knowledgeable about this healthcare specialty. Here is some helpful information about physical therapy.

What is Physical Therapy?

During physical therapy, a highly-trained physical therapist evaluates, assesses and treats individuals who have chronic pain and mobility impairments. The goal of physical therapy Brandon FL is to help you regain as much of your previous mobility as possible. Treatment is personalized and has been proven to help individuals successfully recover from accidents and injuries.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

There are times when a doctor prescribes physical therapy for a patient. This may be after a serious condition such as a stroke or amputation. However, there are times when a sports injury or other condition warrant physical therapy. Anyone who experiences lingering pain or physical limitations that were not initially present should consider seeing a physical therapist.

Where Can I Receive Physical Therapy?

Many people are surprised to learn that physical therapy services are available at a wide variety of locations including hospitals, outpatient clinics and nursing homes.

What Are the Treatment Options?

One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy is that there are a variety of treatment options. Each individual who attends physical therapy receives an assessment and treatment plan. No two treatment plans look alike. Once an individual has been evaluated, the physical therapist will recommend treatments including stretches, strengthening exercises, heat stimulation and tissue laser therapies. Physical therapy is conducted over a variety of sessions and you work with the therapist to determine what is helping your pain and what needs to be modified.

Physical therapy is a great option for individuals suffering from ongoing pain, diseases and other devastating injuries.

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