Menstrual Pain or Dysmenorrhea and Home Remedies

Monthly periods or menstrual cycle come with a lot of pain. The throbbing pain and cramps sometimes become so troubling that they start hindering the normal routine life of women. Every three out of four women suffer severe menstrual pain. To relieve this pain you must rely on home and natural remedies rather than taking medicines. Let us tell you some home remedies that can really help you bring down the pain.

  1. Exercise:

You might get annoyed and upset after reading the word, exercise. You must be thinking that with menstrual pain you do not even feel like moving and getting up then how could you exercise in such throbbing pain. Brisk walk or any other mild physical exercise can help reduce cramps. When your body will engage in an aerobic exercise then the body will pump more blood which will help in releasing endorphins that will efficiently counteract prostaglandins and will ultimately result in decrease in cramps.

  • Heating the body:

If you will apply heat then it will help in relaxing all the muscle contraction inside the uterus. You can buy over the counter heating pads like electric heating pads or reusable heat packs. You can even take a rubber bottle and put some hot water inside. Put the bottle on your abdomen and it is going to help you a lot in pain relief.

  • Use chamomile tea:

A study has been published in the Journal of Agriculture and Chemistry. It says that there are some properties in fragrant teas which are known for easing the pains. Many other medical studies have proved that natural ingredients have some properties that have medicinal effect on human body. It is the safest way of bringing down the menstrual pain.

  • Sufficient Vitamin D in body:

You must be proactive in fighting the symptoms of menstrual cycle. For this, it is important that your body has sufficient amount of Vitamin D so that you could hardly feel the pain during periods. With high dose of Vitamin D, menstrual cramps can be reduced significantly.

  • Achieve orgasm:

It may sound bit strange but yes, with orgasm you can feel pretty less pain in your uterus. Right before an orgasm the uterus is in relaxed position and once the orgasm reaches the climax then it also increased blood flow and helps in bringing down the pain of cramps. It happens because of endorphins release which are known to make the body feel immediately better. Orgasms are also great to help in relaxing your whole body and also let you sleep much comfortable without feeling any cramps.

  • Acupuncture:

It is a Chinese tradition and method of treating many health problems. According to many medical researchers, this method is workable to reduce cramps during monthly periods. But this method does not seem to be very workable as for this one has to meet a medical specialist that is expert in acupuncturing.

Most importantly, if you will take few simple steps then you can make those few days of every month quite better and comfortable for yourself.

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