5 Methods to Moisturize Natural Hair

Having itchy scalp is so annoying and may cause embarrassment whenever at work or with friends. Itchiness caused by the dry scalp may make you uncomfortable causing you to scratch your head. The intense scratching leaves wounds in your head making it worse by opening passages for germs to get into your skull. However, we can avoid these scary situations by keeping our hair moist. Moist hair prevents accumulation of fats in the hair shaft which is the primary cause of dryness of the upper part. We have some methods you can use to keep your hair moist.

  1. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is mostly applied to restore your hair after heat styling, sunburns or chemical usage that left your hair dry. This process involves using a moisturizer to keep your moist and then covering your head with the moisturizer on so that it can penetrate the interior part of your hair volume. Several deep conditioning products such as coconut oil, honey or olive oil exist to serve the purpose of hydration. This process needs to be repeated after about a week from the last application to ensure that every part is kept moist.

  1. Pre-Poo

The Pre-Poo technique as the pre-position suggests comes before performing a wash. This treatment moisturizes your hair during the hair washing by trapping moisture within your hair volume. This method is the most straightforward and guarantees keeping your hair moist all through. The technique uses various pre-treatment substances that will be used to conserve moisture in the scalp by allowing for an increased moisture volume. Pre-Shampoo and Oils serve as the treatment substances because of their capacity to hold moisture for more extended periods.

  1. Steaming

For most other applications, steaming has been used to keep products moist. Steaming has served the purpose of preventing the hair moist by penetrating the thickest part of your hair volume like it does when meat is heated. This method complements the deep conditioning method since both works on the same principle that vapor is used to keep the hair moist. This method is powerful in that it penetrates the least porous hair in case of large hair volumes. This method is useful when other ways cannot apply because of their limited penetration.

  1. Drinking Water

Our doctors always advised us to take eight glasses of water a day, but we continually ignore this simple recommendation. Water provides hydration from the internal body region through sweating and metabolism. Hair too gets hydration to from the water we drink that makes it soft and prevents the scalp from drying up. This process yield results in the shortest time possible because the process of water circulation in human’s body is a fast process. Through this practice, you keep the hair follicle moist and pass moisture to the upper area.

Baggy Method

This process uses encapsulation to keep the hair moist after adding a leave-in moisturizer to your hair. The encapsulation creates heat in the head causing vaporization of the moisturizer and thus, allowing it to penetrate the thickest part of your hair. This process allows moisture to reach the hair follicles which is the root and is responsible for its growth. The method may be slow since you have to wait for an hour before removing the bag.

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