Do you have a tendency to be violent?

Test Guide:

The tendency of violence is very secret. Deep inside people’s heart, not easy to detect. In fact, the violence is going to everyone, but someone is showing it, someone is hiding inside. Come and measure it.

Begin the Test:

One day, you’re working late into the wee hours. When you walk into the neighborhood, which of the following are you most afraid of?

  1. The front cover was suddenly lit up in the light.
  2. Why is there a figure
  3. To hear the faint sobs
  4. Footsteps behind

Test Result:

Choose A:  you don’t have any violent tendencies. You have a good spleen and don’t act on impulse. Even if you encounter conflict, you hate to use force to solve it, thinking that it is bad for your image. Even if you say something rude, you’ll blame yourself afterwards. Of course, this is from a side note. You are very demanding of yourself, so the odds are very high.

Choose B:  you are afraid of violence. This is because you are so introverted that you never talk about your troubles and worries in person. You’re used to being alone with everything in your life. It may be that you are now threatened by someone with a violent tendency, but you have nothing to do but fear. It is recommended that you change your personality, communicate more with others, and learn to solve problems rather than bear them alone.

Choose C:  your subconscious is prone to violence. This is because, in reality, you are under too much pressure. You always suppress your thoughts. You like to be a little bit hysterical and a little neurotic. When there is no outlet for emotions, you may resort to violence. It is recommended that you release the pressure appropriately and adjust your mood. After all, violence is not the fundamental solution to the problem.

Choose D:  you have a little bit of violence. When you meet something, you will release it, release it, and feel better. But if someone is really picking on you, or you’re forced to. It might break out.

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