All That You Need To Know About Vaping And Its Health Benefits

Defined simply, vaping is the process of using an electronic cigarette to inhale the liquid within it, by heating up the same. It gives us the same feeling of inhaling nicotine but in a totally different manner and with no health hazards in the short or long term.

How is vaping different from regular smoking?

A normal cigarette is burnt through a flame and then the smoke which is the resultant of the tobacco leaves burning is then inhaled. It is not just the nicotine but many other toxic chemicals along with the nicotine. Various harmful chemicals go into the creation of a cigarette.
Absolutely different to smoking cigarettes, is vaping by which the liquid in the electronic cigarette is heated up through a heating element within it. The resultant vapor is then inhaled by the user. The prime difference is that there is no combusting process and no smoke is created. The liquid may or may not contain nicotine and the harmful quotient is rather restricted.
Bought from Vape shop LA, the constituents of an e-cigarette include the atomizer which is basically the coil that heats up the liquid to produce the vapour, the storage tank of the liquid, the wick which physically carries the liquid to the coil, the air intake system which takes the air to the atomizer via the coil till the mouthpiece and finally the mouthpiece itself just like the cigarette tip or the smoking pipe outlet which lets the vapour to be swallowed.

The benefits of vaping
There are many benefits in switching over to vaping from normal cigarettes. This includes the health angle and the other aspects also such as –

  • First and foremost there is this body odor that comes with normal cigarette smoke. It remains for a long time and is always an irritant to the non-smokers whether it be home or office. This does not happen in the case of e-cigarettes where the only thing that is churned out is a pleasant aroma leaving nobody puffy or irritated.
  • Dating partners frequently are incensed over the bad odors that come from the smoking hand and the smoking shirts. This leads to quarrels and sometimes also break-up. All these emotional hazards are avoided by switching over to vaping.
  • The normal cigarette is a potential invite for lung-related disasters through the burning of several chemicals like tars. They also cause heart and stroke problems, breath circulation issues and cancer threats to the body. In the case of e-cigarettes, much of this is avoided if not completely. The health hazards are brought down to a bare minimum level.
  • Normal cigarette smoking creates passive smokers who are subject to an equal amount of burnt tobacco smoke that is inhaled. This is avoided in the case of vaping or e-cigarette consumption.

Apart from these benefits, it also curtails overhead expenses. The need for accessories like ashtrays, smoking jars, stubbing points is all eliminated through a switchover to e-cigarettes. So it ultimately cuts down on unnecessary expenditure.

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